Keva Property Marketing Websites

Keva serves 1.3 million insured persons and pension recipients, and is responsible for funding the earnings-related pension cover of municipal sector employees. Keva owns approximately 3500 rental apartments and 80 business properties in Finland.

Taskut has created a property marketing platform to support Keva’s property marketing activities. The platform allows managing a large mass of property communications and management data through a single interface. The system is made of the relevant media integrations. Taskut has created the user interface design, visual appearance, technical implementation and publication as well as the portal marketing measures. Keva Property Marketing service websites for Keva Kodit (Keva Home) and Keva Toimitilat (Keva Premises) were launched in the autumn of 2015.


Our Services

UIUX design and programming
Brochures and other printed materials
Project communication
Social media and multi-channeled communication
Concept and campaign design
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