KOy Jyrkkälänpolku

Project Communication

Jyrkkälä is a rental apartment building area for 1 300 inhabitants in Turku. It was built in Finland’s fast-paced urbanization phase in the 1960s and 1970s. Jyrkkälä includes more than 600 rental appartments in 17 buildings. The properties are owned by real estate company Jyrkkälänpolku, which is a non-profit rental housing company owned by JHL, VVO and the city of Turku ICT apartments.

Jyrkkälä launched a large renovation project in 2014. The project aims to extend the life cycle of the buildings, reduce operating costs, improve the quality of housing and the image of the area, and keep it as an affordable choice for tenants.

Taskut is responsible for consulting, planning and implementing communications for the project. Our duties include press relations, managing the project website and brand development as well as internal communications.


Our services

UIUX design and programming
Sustainability communication
Content design and production
Project communication
Social media and multi-channeled communication
Concept and campaign design, strategic planning
Media planning and press releases
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